Who in their right mind makes a web site about themself?


me, obviously.

This narcissistic shrine to myself is where I throw the most important parts of my subconscious to sit and rot. You might see the the most prevalent pieces under the links of "Stories" and "Blog." You can read more of my stuff on my Inkitt, too.

Magic through mirrors, magic that replaces full free will.... These demented fantasy stories explore big questions, from how close are we to a World War III, to what makes a leader--circumstance and opportunity or passion and knowledge?

I like to experiment with words, smashing them together, breaking rules, and just generally asking questions and not entirely answering them. If this is your thing, maybe you'll like what I've got to say.

So who the hell do I think I am?

I was an editor for a while, and along my time, I've come up with some Editing Tips I've been told to put in a hub for all to see. I found that while editing, people needed some help with Terms, so I made a thing for that, too.

I think about writing a lot, too, so you'll find some musings on my Blog

I don't make a profit from any of my creative outlets for a few reasons, but I totally blame all of it on studying Edmund Spenser, who still got paid to write even after he got banished to distant farmland, far away from the queen he tried to impress. If he can do it, why can't I? (I just need to find a queen to piss off....)

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Look, a PayPal link. How original. 


PS: Yes, "themself" is a word, as of the 17th Chicago Manual of Style

Help me, I’m poor.
— K. Wiig and A. Mumolo