Who in their right mind makes a web site about themself?


me, obviously.

 Here you'll find the writings of a nerdy grammar geek obsessed with dogs and literary devices, and who has no clue when to stop being sarcastic. 

I was an editor for a while, and along my time, I've come up with some tricks to try and make things easier to remember. Hop on over to the Editing Tips and Terms to see what those are.

I think about writing a lot, too, so you'll find some musings on my Blog

Or, if you just want to get to the nitty gritty, super vulnerable stuff, you can look at what I've written. Novels, usually. I like a couple of them, even.

I don't make a profit from any of my creative outlets for a few reasons, but I totally blame all of it on studying Edmund Spenser, who still got paid to write even after he got banished to distant farmland, far away from the queen he tried to impress. If he can do it, why can't I? (I just need to find a queen to piss off....)

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Look, a PayPal link. How original. 


PS: Yes, "themself" is a word, as of the 17th Chicago Manual of Style. See? Neeeerrrd.

Help me, I’m poor.
— K. Wiig and A. Mumolo